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Curious, Creative, Caring, and Confident™
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For 75 years Highlights has been dedicated to helping families raise Curious, Creative, Caring, and Confident kids. On these pages, you’ll find parenting tips and advice, as well as ideas, activities, crafts, games, and recipes to enhance your everyday life as a family, and help you create lifelong memories. We know that helping a child become their best self doesn't require big life changes. In fact, it's the small, everyday actions that can impact a child the most. We encourage parents, and all those who care for children, to lean in and listen to the children in their lives. When we actively listen to kids, we are telling them that what they say and think matters. They begin to believe in themselves and their abilities—and they grow in confidence and optimism. Our belief that children experience fun and joy when they use their innate creativity, curiosity, thinking ability, and imagination, as well as our commitment to the motto Fun with a Purpose, can be found in all of our exceptional products for children, parents, and teachers. Together we can help children become their best selves.

Curious, Creative, Caring, and Confident


Kids are exceptionally active thinkers. From an early age, they’re flexing and stretching their mental muscles in order to learn and explore. It’s important to support and challenge them to grow their intellect, to follow their curiosity.

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Spark Curiosity


Creativity shows itself in various ways. We’re probably most familiar with creativity in the arts, from colorful paintings to captivating novels to engrossing performances. But there is also creativity in how we solve problems and how we think about the world. It is important for us to nurture children’s creativity, respect and identify it, listen to it, and encourage it.

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Encourage Creativity


Caring matters. It matters on the playground, in the classroom, and at home. Caring helps children and the adults in their lives to be happy, safe, and cared for. It allows children to know and understand that they can push boundaries, try harder, and become their best selves.

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Inspire Caring


Confidence is a quality that we greatly wish for our children, but it’s one of the harder traits to pinpoint. Is my demanding child confident, strong willed, or bossy? Is my quiet child shy by nature or simply lacking confidence? Recognizing and understanding children’s belief in themselves and their abilities is challenging. But we believe that children are confident when they know how they are feeling as well as what they are doing. They are confident when they can trust themselves and when they can trust the adults in their lives.

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Boost Confidence