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Race to the Gold
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Race to the Pot of Gold Game

Encourage your kids to get creative with fruit salad. Kids can help cut, mix, and serve these fun waffle-cone treats.
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Fruit-Filled Waffle Cones

14 Homemade Valentines
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DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

21 Heart-Shaped Foods for Valentine’s Day
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Love Bites

8 Fun Activities to Do in the Snow
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Bright Ideas for Cold Play

Kids can experiment with their favorite toppings to create these simple but festive treats for snacking or sharing.
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Fancy, Tasty Pretzel Rods

bake cookies
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Easy-Bake Shortbread Cookies

Crown of Hearts
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For Your King or Queen of Hearts

24 Fun Ways to Spend Leap Year’s Extra Hours
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Celebrate Leap Year 24 Ways

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Way Cool Fall Weekend Ideas

Paper Snowflakes
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3D Snowflakes

Gifts From Mother Nature
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Easy Gifts Kids Can Make

How to make frozen soap bubbles
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Nice and Icy Bubbles